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(1993 - 1994)

G. Vysheslavsky (editor-in-chief)
0. Sydor-Gibelynda
E. Stukalova (associate editor)

K. Akinsha
N. Kostyuchenko
M. Kuzma
A. Solovyov

A. Arkhipets
N. Dramaretska
A. Dramaretsky
H. Kozlyuk
L. Popovitch
V. Pritschepa
O. Sydor-Gibelynda
S. Sosin
A. Stekh
E. Stukalova

G. Vysheslavsky

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In abstracto
Europe is a museum. Ruination - Jean-Louis Deotte
An exemplary vocation - Serge Fauchereau
Compiling a colletcion - The interview with Andrey Yerofeyev
Three museum exhibitions - Braco Dimitrijevic
This eternally new history - Galina Sklyarenko
Musefication of culture or mummification of culture? -Tatyana Kaluhina
My little ode of museum - Oleg Sidor-Gibelynda
Ecomuseum of contemporary art -Gleb Vysheslavsky
Art, capital, confrontation in progress museum in progress - Ralph UbI
Museum as individuality -Elena Ripko
Ukrainan museum of contemporary art -Ekateryna Stukalova
in concreto
Vasiliy Tsaholov. World without ideas - Nikolay Kostyuchenko, Alexandr Solovyov
Vasiliy Tsaholov. One can eat what can be eaten - Ekaterina Stukalova
Three elephants
- Valentin Rajevsky
- Nikolay Kostyuchenko

The distant and the close
- Alexandr Solovyov
- Oleg Sidor-Gibelynda

Vasiliy Tsagolov. Cacrl Marx street - Pere la Chaise - Ekaterina Stukalova
The Days of Kiev in Toulouse - G. V.
Kiev-Mohyla Academy
- Valeriy Sakharuk
- Ekaterina Stukalova
Slavko Mykosovsky. The sacred earth - Ekaterina Stukalova
The local time - G. V.
The Art-Myth III - Gleb Vysheslavsky
The nature of video according to the Vasulkas
- From press-release
- Oleg Sidor-Gibelynda
Oleg Mihas, Alexandr Hankewycz. Days of the open doors
- Marta Kuzma
- Oleg Sidor-Gibelynda
in fine
Dialogue and discourse - Marta Kuzma

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