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G. Vyshyslavsky
M. Sidllin
(Moscow branch)
O. Dubytskaya
(St. Petesburg branch)

V. Gladkova
M. Hnatkevych
N. Medvedovskaya
L. Pliashkova

E. Malysheva
G. Vyshyslavsky

On the cover: M.Zet, 1994

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In abstracto
Exerpts from The Role of Traditional Man in 20th Century Art - Krasimira Lukicheva
DE JA VUE - Olga Goriunova
Resources World Trade, Means of Information and Culture - Don Forest
Art of Communication - Dd. Daniels
Life, Immortality and Virtual Reality - Klaus Bartels, Stefan Berg
Social research of the Evolution of the Information Network - Sergei Pereslegin
Gravitation Towards Equipment - Olga Goriunova
Warning! - Olga Goriunova
Net Art Surfing: Other Banks or Trash Ideology - Tatiana Goriucheva

non fabula
Non Fabula Sed Histori - Olga Logutenko

in concreto
Boutique of Soros - Mikhail Sidlin
Watergate Gallery - Mikhail Sidlin
The Little Mosquito and ten Big Bug - Mikhail Sidlin

Artistic Chronicals

Visual graphomania or paper structures - Maria Terenia (Sheynina)
The last interview about art. Interview with Nadezhda Voinova and Ivan Chechet
After shadows - Maria Terenia (Sheinina)
“Blind love” of Dmitri Vilensky - Nadezhda Voinova
The Anatomy of selected bodies of contemporary St. Petersburg art - Maria Terenia (Sheinina)
The Letter - Nikolai Blagodatov
Cultural Representations of Photo-Art - Maria Terenia (Sheinina)
“Mitki” and “New Academy” - Maria Terenia (Sheinina)
Multiplicity, creating a single whole - Maria Terenia (Sheinina)
Irving Penn. The Stie of the Photograph and Photograph Style - Nadezhda Voinova
Martin Zet. Czech Garbage - Oksana Dubutskaya
Post-war Russian Avantgarde and works of Yuriy Treisman (USA) - Aleksandr Borovsky
Theatre Chronicals
Time out of joint - Oksana Dubytskaya
On the scenic space of experimental theatre (interview with Emil Kapeliush) - Oksana Dubytskaya
On the scenic space of experimental theatre - Oksana Dubytskaya
Thoughts on the Formal Thatre (Interview with Andrei Mohuchiy on the production Hamlet-Machine - Sergei Polatovsky
Cartography of Desire - Svetlana Veselova

Kiev exhibition conditions aas a reflection of “seven free arts” (in response to), 1998 - Oleg Sidor-Gibelinda
Phototypology of anonymous industrial construction. The art of Bernard and Hill Beher


Ksenia Militinskaya

Interview with S. Ripson

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